Prepaid Legal Review – Learn What Your Upline Doesn’t Know and Can’t Teach You

Let’s review Prepaid Legal. They are a company, that for a monthly fee, one obtains a membership which provides legal counsel whenever necessary. Prepaid was founded in 1969 by Harland Stonecipher. Though it did not begin as an MLM company, it was recognized as such by the 1980s. By the late 90s, at prepaid Legal was considered the 33rd fastest-growing company on the NYSE.Prepaid is also the listed on Forbes 200 best small companies list.

So how does Prepaid Legal work? For around $300 per year, a customer purchases on annual membership. $17 and $26 monthly plans are available. These plans make available to you legal advice on everything from writing wills, buying homes or just be familiar with your basic legal rights. There are more than 60,000 legal forms on the website and members can utilize. Essentially, members use the phone number on their membership card to contact a lawyer that specializes in the area they need help in.Plans vary by state.

So why would anyone want to use Prepaid Legal services? It’s probably easier than panning through the phonebook looking for a lawyer’s number that you need. The company points out that only the wealthiest 10% of people use legal services on a regular basis, and since the rest of us don’t, we might be at a disadvantage.Is the service necessary?
My opinion is not important, since over 1 million people have decided is necessary.

If you want to have a Prepaid Legal business, there is little more that needs to be mentioned. Apparently, the only way you can join, is by filling out an application for enrollment through their website. It costs $49 to start up a business and this includes materials, training, support, Prepaid Marketing Services, marketing supplies and Online Associate Services. Prepaid Legal is very excited about their timing in this industry. They state they are at 2/10 of 1% of growth potential and don’t anticipate critical mass hitting until 2%. Critical Mass is when a company reaches a point where they grow tremendously in a short amount of time. In my opinion, a good time to join a company is before they hit critical mass.

I found a compensation plan a bit of a challenge to comprehend. Prepaid Legal Associates are paid in three different ways. The first way to get paid is by getting commissions on every membership to Prepaid Legal that you sell. The second way to get paid is when you sign-up other people into the business and receive commissions for that. The final way to get paid is via residual income on your team’s success. The part that confused me was that they pay on five different levels according to how many memberships you sell per month. Also, they pay you an advance commission for the annual memberships they sell. For example, if you sell a Prepaid Legal membership to someone, you get paid a years worth of commission. But, if that person cancels their membership before the year is up I will get what is called a “chargeback”. A chargeback is exactly what it sounds like it is. You have to pay back any commissions earned by member cancels early. I’m not a fan.

Traditionally, when joining a company like this, you’re going to be taught approach every person you’ve ever known and try to get them to either sign on as a member or join your team. Let’s face it folks, this is the hard way of doing things. Wouldn’t you rather talk to people that actually care about joining a network marketing company? Wouldn’t you rather use a pain-free, surefire way to gain success in this industry?

Taking Advantage of Prepaid Legal Services and Business Ventures

In an age of law where self representation does more harm to an individual than with the services of an attorney, it becomes apparent that the services of such an attorney may be necessary. The only problem with the concept of finding legal representation is associated with the cost that created with attorney services. When a person seeks the services of an attorney it can often cost thousands of dollars for their services and that is only the retainer fee. Along with the starter fee a person can spend thousands of additional dollars on the various time frames and document processing an attorney and staff bills you for.

When a person realizes the importance of requiring legal representation when involved in legal affairs but then associates the tremendous costs associated with that representation they are quick to seek out an affordable situation where they can get these services at a realistic price. This dilemma is resolved when a person turns towards the benefits associated with it.

It offer many of the legal services that individuals require assistance in for a low monthly rate that any family can afford. This opportunity may seem too good to be true but a review of what is offered for an individual will reveal the great opportunity associated with Prepaid Legal Services.

The first advantage is found in the new access you have available to the attorney network. It is a company that has been open since 1972 and has developed a network of experienced lawyers in various fields, all with ten or more years of experience in the fields they are experts in.

Having access to an attorney represents an opportunity of legal prevention where a person can consult a legal professional before making large decisions that may have legal repercussions. The experts are available during their regular business hours, eight hour per day, five days per week.Prepaid legal services eliminate those fees as they are incorporated in the services provided by your monthly payment.

Consultations are not the limit of the services offered in it. The reviewing of contracts and the preparation of an individual’s Will are some of the smaller tasks that prepaid legal services offer. Defense in the court of law and assistance in tax auditing are some of the larger services provided in prepaid legal services. These services are great for any individual who desires to have the protection they need already set up during their greatest times of need.

In addition to providing an individual with legal services, it also offers you an opportunity to make money in this industry. The marketability of this plan is simple and Prepaid Legal Services would like to provide you an opportunity to sign up friends, family and others to take advantage of this great service while you receive a commission on those sales.

5 Prepaid Legal Success Tips That Will Dramatically Increase Your Bank Account

Prepaid Legal is a great company with a great compensation plan. As a matter of fact, the history of this company goes back over 37 years and the management is top notch. The credibility of this company is hard to match in the network marketing industry. Even with a great compensation plan and a great product, the fact is you must understand that success in a network marketing business model takes understanding a few key principles. I have put together this list of 5 success tips that will ensure your success in Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. if you will only follow them.

Prepaid Legal Success Tip #1: OK, right off the bat, you absolutely must decide whether this is going to be a hobby or are you going to treat this like a business? To many people think that they will have success in network marketing just because they were successful in a secular business or endeavor. You must understand the basics of the network marketing industry and how it operates if your going to be successful in a company like Prepaid Legal Services. Study everything you can and always plug into any training that the company provides to help reduce your learning curve. Get committed to a plan of action and stick to it.

Prepaid Legal Success Tip #2: Commit to personal development. This tip is a gold nugget that most people in Prepaid Legal and in the network marketing industry in general think they don’t need. The reality is, this is the only real way your going to make any money in this company. As a matter of fact, statistics show that the ones that make the big money are sold out and committed to personal improvement and development. The best way to do this is to read a good book for about 30 minutes a day. In addition, you should listen to a good training audio for a minimum of 15 minutes a day. This is best achieved by turning your car into a drive time university. Nothing will have more of an impact on your business than transforming your mind and habits.

Prepaid Legal Success Tip #3: Learn how to position yourself in a way that has customers and prospects coming to you, rather than you chasing them. You see the best way to repel your prospects and customers is to chase them! How many of us like going to a used car lot and the moment you step on the lot they are hounding you to buy a car? I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t like that. The best way to have prospects come to you is to allow them to get to know you in a way that builds trust and to see you as someone that they want to get involved with and do business with. The top earners in the MLM industry know that chasing prospects is a waste of time, and does nothing more than make you look desperate and like a sleazy sales person.

Prepaid Legal Success Tip #4: Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! and sales of course! This is the life blood of any organization, and should be one of your main focuses in Prepaid Legal. Your Goal should be to recruit 1 new associate everyday using tools and strategies that will put your business into hyper momentum. Some think this is a lofty goal, but it is an attainable goal when your practicing the strategies talked about in tip #3. Your goals are only limited to your thinking. You can do anything that you set you mind to do and accomplish. By recruiting 1 new person per day into your business the momentum that is developed will cause a major explosion in your business so fast you will wonder why you limited yourself before. Setting this goal for yourself and adhering to this tip will cause you to have success in Prepaid Legal.

Prepaid Legal Success Tip #5: Get a system set in place that will train your people for you, and show them how to create wealth. To many people get bogged down with frustration, defeat, and hearing “NO” all the time. This really starts to wear you down mentally. The simple fact is their are many ways to build a business like Prepaid Legal, but you must have a system in place that allows your people to get trained on how to market, generate leads, follow up, and then enroll new associates. If you can also put a system in place that allows your associates to get into profit quickly you have a win-win for everybody. With a solid, duplicable system that encompasses all these aspects it will without a doubt cause you to have Prepaid Legal Success and virtually eliminate rejection. By applying all of these tips you will soon find yourself in the Prepaid Legal profiles of success book with a smile on your face, and money in your back account.